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20 Dec


how gorgeous is that?
i would love to be in the water…just completely oblivious to everything and just in the moment.


can’t decide.

20 Dec

which one it’s like…



17 Dec

…not all the time
but sometimes i fee llike this

when you think that last talk did it
you know that feeling of contentment when you think you’ve finally gotten through and are on the same page.
when you hear the other person clearly and understand and feel the adjustments in your head.
become fine with what they are requesting.
actually see yourself meeting those “requirements”
in your head it’s fixed.
and then the next day comes and it hasn’t changed.
everything is as if you didn’t say a word.
yup thats when i feel like pulling my hair out.
and i do believe i’m at that point right now.

back in the saddle again.

16 Dec

so although im still a little pink in the eye i just couldnt take being at home any longer.
it really is too easy to get stir crazy for me!!
and now that all my overdue emails are answered and all my mess from my mini-medi-vaca are taking care of what better use of my time then to blog…?!
my thoughts exactly!
i’m thinking today (like most other days) will be comsumed by all the very cool things on etsy i can find!
one of my all time favorite etsy-crack shops is flour clothing.
i know i say this often but i do truly mean this time (and i’m almost sure everytime i say it…i have a problem if you haven’t noticed) but i would love ANYTHING from this shop!
i do realize that i’m a bit shopping obsessed lately!
my last post was a wish list and now i’m gushing about an etsy shop…but like i said i can’t help it i have a problem 🙂
but i just don’t ever see how anyone couldn’t be obsessed with this shop!!




um hello.

christmas list.

16 Dec

like previously stated im a little under the weather and that tends to really fuck with my sleeping schedule!
now that it’s 2:00 in the a.m. and i’m awake i thought i’d put together a list of all the pretty and pretty random things that have caught my eye for christmas.
haha i know this one is purely selffish…but maybe you will find something you love or better yet something you would love to buy for me 🙂
wishful thinking?
i think so!!
merry christmas!

love and sanity








any cute pyrex to add to my collection.


16 Dec

sick teddy bear.

so the reason i’vd been m.i.a. recently is because i’ve been under the weather. disgustingly gross and sick haha.
so haven’t really been doing much of anything except being ridiculously bored and im itching to get back to work! so my loves if you find yourself in such a position to keep me company please feel free!!

love and sanity

reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

9 Dec

the time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted.

remember John Lennon 1980