christmas list.

16 Dec

like previously stated im a little under the weather and that tends to really fuck with my sleeping schedule!
now that it’s 2:00 in the a.m. and i’m awake i thought i’d put together a list of all the pretty and pretty random things that have caught my eye for christmas.
haha i know this one is purely selffish…but maybe you will find something you love or better yet something you would love to buy for me 🙂
wishful thinking?
i think so!!
merry christmas!

love and sanity








any cute pyrex to add to my collection.



16 Dec

sick teddy bear.

so the reason i’vd been m.i.a. recently is because i’ve been under the weather. disgustingly gross and sick haha.
so haven’t really been doing much of anything except being ridiculously bored and im itching to get back to work! so my loves if you find yourself in such a position to keep me company please feel free!!

love and sanity

reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

9 Dec

the time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted.

remember John Lennon 1980

tattoo tuesday.

8 Dec

some gorgeous ink out there.
the last one just happens to be my favorite!






christmas tree dilemma.

7 Dec

so with the holidays suffocating us on every radio station, commercial and pretty much everywhere we look i can’t avoid the fact that my humble apartment is so bare of holiday fare!
don’t misinterpret that last statement i actually really love the holidays!
i’ve just been jaded by years of retail and its obvioulsy spawned this love/hate relationship with the holidays.
now that i’m no longer in said enviroment it’s more love than hate but i still have a knee jerk reaction to cheesy christmas music…but doesn’t everybody?
no? maybe it’s just me!
but the real dilemma here deciding what kind of christmas tree is the best!
real or faux?
classic or modern?
funky or cool?
so here are the best inspriations i’ve found!
and i will make sure and post what my final creation looks like!
hopefully i’ll have my christmas tree up and running this weekend!!!








love and sanity

rather be.

6 Dec


i’d rather be silly than serious
i’d rather love than be loved
i’d rather be clumsy than graceful
i’d rather be stressed and happy than relaxed and unfulfilled
i’d rather be passionate than safe
i’d rather be lonely than unhappy
i’d rather be affectionate than stuck up
i’d rather be grunge than rap
i’d rather be rock than pop
i’d rather be indie than not
i’d rather be a hippie than a stiff
i’d rather be happy than successful
i’d rather be poor than greedy
i’d rather be here than nowhere.


6 Dec

nothing really on my mind today except a certain recent bad decision.
the bad decision in question is when i decide to do my laundry late at night and become so committed that i cant stop.
then when my mountains turn to nothingness i realize its 4 in the a.m.!
then the bright idea hits…
“since i’m already up and the probability of me getting up in two hours for work is slim let me just make some coffee and stay up”
yeah not my brightest idea and i’m definitely paying for it now!
despite my massive fatigue i still think i’m better than this:

sleepy grumpy girl.